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    Meet the Stylist

    WINK Lash Studio was born out of a passion for beauty and outstanding customer service. WINK Lash Studio's Founder, Mai, has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 15 years before she discovered the intricate craft of lash extensions. Coming from a past career in the medical instruments field, Mai was well accustomed to work that required delicacy and precision.


    Today Mai has serviced dozens of lash extension clients out of her home-based studio. She is absolutely dedicated to an outstanding experience. She is extraordinarily passionate about making her clients happy.


    " I love my clients and I really care. I love when someone feels so excited after their services. It is why I love my work." - Mai, Founder of WINK Lash Studio


    Available Every Day 10am - 6pm

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    In years of servicing clients, Mai she has established many great relationships. When opening WINK lash studio, she wanted to maintain an intimate environment where she could offer her services in a home-based studio. When coming to WINK Lash Studio, you will receive personalized care and feel right at home.




    when it comes to beauty, one size does not fit all

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    See what our satisfied clients have to say

    "Mai's lash work is exceptional. She is kind and gentle and always makes sure I'm comfortable. WINK Lash Studio is clean, comfortable and relaxing. Her work drastically transforms my lashes, but they are so natural looking and I hardly notice I have them on!" - Laura Nockett


    "I highly recommend Mai. She is friendly, professional, and explains each step of the lash extension process. Your comfort and happiness is her number one priority. And my lashes look incredible!" - Maggie Bridges


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    Lashes for the Big Day

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    Wake Up Fabulous

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    Glamour Always

  • FAQs

    Ask Us Anything

    What are lash extensions?

    Lash extensions are natural-looking lashes that are individually applied to each of your existing lashes. The extensions come in varying sizes and thickness. Your stylist will be able to select the perfect style for you based on your preferences and eye shape to create a full but natural look.

    How long do lash extensions last?

    Extensions generally last about 2 weeks. To maintain your full set of lashes, you can return to the studio for a "fill".

    Will lash extensions damage my existing lashes?

    Mai uses the highest quality products for your lash extensions. Lash extensions will not harm or damage your existing lashes. Your existing lashes do shed naturally, however extensions do not cause this to happen any more than normal.

    How do I prepare for my appointment?

    Please arrive to the studio without contact lenses in. Feel free to bring contact lenses to put in after your service. It is preferable that you arrive without makeup, however we do have a private vanity where you can remove your makeup if you need to.


    We recommend you do not get your face or eye-area wet 24 hours after your service.

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    7426 Westwood Park Lane, Falls Church VA 22046